Copenhagen Badminton Klub (KBK) is one of the largest badminton clubs in the Copenhagen area with approximately 700 members. The club offers a wide range of training opportunities.


Youth badminton is for ages 3 to 18. We offer both elite and non-elite trainings 1 hour a week with well-educated badminton coaches for 189 kr. per month. If additional training is desired, several options are available.

Youth players are primarily grouped by age, next according to their level.

You can try out without obligation before joining. Find out when you can play by checking out the schedule at this link and contact the office (see details below) with the following information:

  1. Your age
  2. What days you can play


Players 18 years of age and older can attend our senior trainings. We offer both elite and non-elite trainings on 5 different levels with educated coaches. One senior training costs 216 kr. per month.

The price includes:

  • One weekly 2-hour training
  • Free use of unbooked badminton courts
  • Opportunity to play on a team according to your level in tournaments  (usually during weekends).
  • Free use of the fitness room in the club
  • Play all year around (the club only closes a few weeks in July)

The price does not include shuttles. The extra charge for shuttles is between 300 and 750 kr. twice a year, depending on the level of the training.
An additional weekly training costs 500 kr. per season (all inclusive).

If you are interested in participating in a senior training at KBK, you can try it without obligation before joining. Contact the office (see details below) for advice on which level that is right for you.


is to rent a badminton court on a one-hour basis the same time every week (then you play for yourself).